Breaking ice!

Sonali, SBI #YouthforIndia fellow, shows how language and culture need not be a barrier when it comes to talking with children at Kaprada, Gujarat.

“One song, two circles and we are all set to the break the ICE

No language barrier, no cultural difference can freeze us anymore.”

 After lunch, all of us at the school were feeling drowsy, and the students were to attend the next class, with Sailesh sir. Luckily, it got rescheduled with me and I got the opportunity for my first set of ‘Ice Breaking’ activities.

Sonali post 1 edited pic

Apply for the SBI Youth for India Fellowship 2017-18

I had purposely scheduled it for the last session of the day because I was a little worried as the children were from grade one and two and hardly spoke Gujarati and Marathi. Everyone here speaks their native tribal language. My fears increased because I was already struggling with my poor Hindi speaking skills and to top it off with worse Gujarati and Marathi language skills.

Fortunately, this apprehension didn’t last for more than a minute after we met. Soon afterwards, we all held each other’s hands, sang and laughed together and with this broke all the differences that remained amongst us.

Most importantly, we all learnt that no barrier exists in understanding each other’s cultures and the best way to do it is, of course through, music, dance or a play!

Below is a small video, shot by me, where the children are singing a traditional song.

Apply for the SBI Youth for India Fellowship 2017-18

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