Workshop on ‘Jaarukta Prashikshan Karyakram’

Dr Suneeli Anand, SBI #YouthforIndia fellow, is working to create awareness regarding menstrual hygiene and health of women and adolescents and also is helping generate livelihood for the women SHGs at Dedtalai, Madhya Pradesh.

Read this short account of her experience in conducting a 2 day workshop, “Jaarukta Prashikshan Karyakram” with young girls and women from different villages


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I initiated my project by organising a 2 day workshop on the 15th and 16th of December. It was an awareness workshop, titled “Jaarukta Prashikshan Karyakram”, conducted on the 15th with school girls in Shekhpura Village. Next day around 55 women from different villages came to attend the workshop.



Apply for the SBI Youth for India Fellowship 2017-18

The workshop was conducted by a trainer hired from National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) and it also included a small movie on menstrual hygiene and related facts. Girls from the school and the women of the SHG were really excited to see the movie. Leaflets that included important do’s and don’ts during menstruation were distributed to them.

A SHG member, who is also a Deputy Secretary of the women federation formed over here, Geeta Jiji, shared with the women present at the workshop, her experience of severe stomach ache that had badly affected her for a long time and ultimately she underwent an operation. The reason behind her severe stomach ache was because of the usage of cloth during the menses. Some of the school girls also shared their first period experiences with the crowd.


Apply for the SBI Youth for India Fellowship 2017-18

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