Stop bargaining!

Gokul, SBI #YouthforIndia fellow who is at Ganjam, Odisha tells us that the farmers there who basically cultivate Mango and Cashew, sell their produce at around Rs 10 per kg, whereas the market price is above Rs 25 per kg!

A thought to chew on, Gokul writes more about it below.

Agrarian communities work hard collectively with their families to grow crops for their livelihood as well as for us, “the consumers”. Moreover their collective efforts are not paid off well or even respected. The aftermath of it, they fall short of meeting their break even most of the times. The situation is no different here in Odisha. Due to the isolation of villages and perishable nature of the produce, producers can never make it to a better place for better prices!

While we make exact payments to supermarkets and branded shops as given on their price tags, there is a common tendency amongst us to bargain with the street and small scale vendors. This way, somehow, it’s not just the middlemen, we are also part of exploiting their livelihood.  It is high time to see the world from their perspective and not to forget to think again before strangling a family somewhere isolated, to death. It is for us to remember that nobody has the right to set the price tag for somebody else’s hard work.



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