Need for a path

How do you think can the skilled youth of Kherwada, Rajasthan find for themselves a stable source of income?

Siddhant writes to us that they are all well trained in mobile repairing, plumbing, house wiring, tailoring, etc, but lack further information on extending their skills for income generation.

Reena Parmar is a native of Asariwada village in the Kherwada block of Udaipur District. Though she had to quit studying due to family problems at the age of thirteen, she didn’t just sit back at home doing the household chores. She joined 3 months of tailoring training course earlier this year at Aajeevika Bureau, an organization which deals with skill training of the youth.

Reena Parmar

With the help of the organization, Reena got a sewing machine on loan with no interest. But the problem she faces nowadays is the low income, which amounts to a hundred rupees for a day whenever she has some work, and those are very few days in a month. This is nothing compared with the ability and knowledge she has of tailoring. As you may see in the picture, the dresses hanging behind is her creation!

Right now, she wants to take up bulk orders for stitching or make market linkages to start something on her own. However, owing to lack of information and reference, she is not able to start up. At a young age of 20 she has long way to go and lots to achieve, but the thing she needs is a path through which she may prove her abilities and earn some valuable money for herself and for her family.

This is not the only case in Kherwada. Many young people, after completing vocational training in the different fields as mobile phone repairing, plumbing, motor driving, house wiring, marble & tile fitting, two wheeler repairing, etc., are not able to find jobs or start a business of their own because of the lack of information and support from skill training agencies.

In my opinion the requirement for an information cell, where anyone can find information regarding job vacancies and other business options in their respective fields is a must in this area and definitely the need of the hour.


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