Excerpts from a Fellow’s Diary – People First!

Lakshmi thinks about people first.
Lakshmi thinks about people first.

Lakshmi is a master trainer in coir rope making. She sells her produce in the local market and simultaneously trains other women in the same skill. She has studied only till the 5th standard, but she actively monitors several Self Help Groups and manages their accounts. Lakshmi is striving to earn as much as she can through odd jobs here and there, apart from coir rope making and her role as an animator. I once paid a visit to her house for a case study and we were both going back on a bus to the same place. I was still wondering if I should be paying for her bus fare too but before I could even make a move she had bought tickets for both of us and quite stubbornly refused to accept money for the same. She said I was her guest that day. I was moved. Here was a lady who was saving all that she could for her three girls and when every paise counted, she didn’t think twice before paying for my ticket. Not that the bus fare was much, but if this was to happen in an urban setting, the person would’ve thought twice before he/she paid for the other person. She taught me an important lesson that day, always value people more than money.


– SBI YFI Fellow Suhasini Vavilala


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