Midhun Rajagopal – The SBI YFI fellowship provides youngsters like me with an opportunity to ‘stop talking and start doing.’

MIDHUN RAJAGOPAL: SBI Youth for India Fellow

Midhun Rajagopal completed his graduation in Production Engineering from Government Engineering College, Thrissur, Kerala, in 2009. He then worked with MRF Tyres Ltd., Pondicherry, as an Industrial Engineer for a period of one year.

Midhun describes the SBI Youth for India fellowship programme as an ideal platform to contribute towards reducing social inequities that are plaguing modern India. “The YFI fellowship provides youngsters like me with an opportunity to ‘stop talking and start doing’. I look forward to gaining practical insights along with hands-on experience in rural development activities, especially in areas of sustainable livelihood and education.”

Midhun is interested in projects that provide solutions for sustainable livelihood for the underprivileged, especially for tribal populations. “Lack of adequate communication and technology has resulted in a life of ignorance, poverty and misery which is an issue that needs to be addressed.”

“The rural India of my dreams is a place of equal opportunities, where every child is free to pursue his/herdreams, without having to worry about any unfair advantage that his/her urban counterpart might have.”

Midhun does think that adjusting to rural life will be challenging. However, “the fact that it is the lifestyle of more than 70% of our countrymen encourages me to take up the challenge with a smile.” In the future, Midhun aspires for a career in social entrepreneurship, to which the fellowship will act as a stepping stone.


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