Suhasini Vavilala feels that the SBI Youth for India fellowship is an opportunity to give back to your country

SUHASINI VAVILALA: SBI Youth for India Fellow

Suhasini Vavilala is a computer science and engineering graduate from Gitam Institute of Technology, Visakhapatnam. She recently declined a job offer from an IT company in order to take some time off and understand what she truly wants in life.

Whilst in college, Suhasini had the enriching experience of working with several NGOs and voluntary organizations in the field of education. One of the NGOs Suhasini helped set up had the tagline “to give back to society.” While browsing the SBI Youth for India website, Suhasini noticed a similar idea – the fellowship as “an opportunity to give back to your country.” She knew immediately that she wanted to apply. “I believe education is a tool that can do wonders,” says Suhasini. “We as educated people should share the skills we have with those who don’t. This is why I applied and joined the YFI fellowship – to share what I have and know.”

In the next one year, Suhasini would like to explore and widen her perspective of rural India. She wishes to understand how change can be enabled in areas without easy access to technology and communication. After an interaction with some women self-help groups, Suhasini comments: “These women are already empowered. They just need tools like education and communication that will help them make better use of their skills. These are the tools that I want to provide them so that they are equally empowered as the women in Urban India. I know ‘empowering’ is a big word, basically if I can make one villager’s life easier to live, I know I’m doing a good job.

Suhasini doesn’t think that living in rural India will be daunting. “I just think of it as a new experience. I’m looking forward to it. I really liked the fact that we are a very diverse group. All three NGOs are so well established and extensive in their work. The work environment is very welcoming.” When asked about the future, Suhasini laughingly adds, “Frankly speaking, I don’t know what to expect after one year – just in the same way as I never expected that I would be living in a village and working with villagers this year.”



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