Santosh Choudhary (Environment planner/SBI Youth for India Fellow): Santosh hopes to start his own firm which helps in commercializing innovations.

Santosh Choudhary: SBI Youth for India FellowSantosh Choudhary has a Bachelors of Engineering degree in Production and an MBA in project management from the Center for Environmental Planning and Technology University, Ahmedabad. During his MBA, he studied a subject called “Rural technology management” where he conceptualized an ICT based solution for tribal artists and another model which made the labour of tea garden women workers less tiring.

These projects, along with C.K. Prahlad’s book “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid”, inspired him to work with people living in the margins of Indian society. It is for this reason that Santosh decided to join SBI Youth for India programme. He wants to learn more about the rural market, while helping rural entrepreneurs and innovators commercialize their products and services. He feels that there is less awareness about new technologies and techniques, microfinance schemes and government regulations in rural areas. “Mitigation of these problems is going to be a slow process but this can only be achieved by working with them rather than working for them.” The idea of working in rural India was a major concern for Santosh and his family. He rationalized his decision by saying that he would much rather do something he loved – while travelling and exploring new cultures – than a white-collar job. Some day in the future, Santosh hopes to use his experience with the Youth for India programme to start his own firm which helps in commercializing innovations.



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