Haresh Bhere (Engineer from IIT Delhi/SBI Youth for India Fellow): “I would like to see a person being able to have agriculture as a main source of income without having to work in a town as a clerk.”

HARESH P BHERE: SBI Youth for India FellowHaresh Bhere completed his Masters of Technology from IIT Delhi in Power Electronics, Electrical Machines and Drives. Following this, he worked in the Advanced Engineering department of Tata Motors, Pune, which deals mainly with hybrid and electric vehicles.

Haresh did his schooling from a small town called Shahapur, which still has a Gram Panchayat and is only marginally bigger than a village. Most of his relatives still depend on agriculture for their livelihood. It is because of this reason Haresh is well acquainted with the difficulties faced by farmers. Haresh laments: “Even after working so hard and sometime even after having so many resources, they barely get enough money to survive. In some cases, they do not even get that much and hence the cases of suicide. On the other hand, we as consumers and end users, have to pay through the nose for their produce. Where is all the money going?” He believes that India needs sustainable growth to achieve its dreams of becoming a superpower. This can become possible only by focusing on the problems faced by farmers. Haresh always wanted to work in this area but never dared to step away from the comforts of his routine life. It is when he heard about SBI Youth for India that something within him clicked. It was “THE program and THE platform” that he was looking for.

Quoting Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Haresh says “that the very first need that needs to be addressed is the physiological need, the requirements for human survival, which famously we describe as “Roti Kapda & Makan”. He dreams of a distributed and localized system wherein most of the needs of rural India get supplied from the same area or cluster, making them self-sufficient. “I would like to see a person being able to have agriculture as a main source of income without having to work in a town as a clerk. Once this happens, all other associated problems like migration, health, education, etc, will get solved.” Speaking about the future, Haresh will most likely rejoin Tata Motors, from where he has taken a sabbatical, perhaps with different responsibilities. But he is sure that he will continue contributing towards the development of rural India and will keep myself associated with BAIF and SBI YFI.



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