Bala Krishna Reddy (Molecular biologist/SBI Youth for India Fellow):“I want to create bridge technologies for improving livelihood and creating sustainable agricultural practices”

Bala Krishan Reddy - SBI Youth for India FellowBala Krishna Reddy completed his Masters in Biotechnology from Bangalore University and joined an Agri Biotech Company in Hyderabad as Plant Molecular biologist. His research interests were in transgenic plants and the use of biological agents in organic farming. While working as a researcher, Bala Krishna developed various microbial agents, substrates and formulations in collaboration with reputed institutions in India. He soon understood that there was a huge gap between the technology developed in institutions and their implementation in rural India. It was for this reason – to create “bridge technologies for improving livelihood and creating sustainable agricultural practices” – that Bala Krishna decided to join the SBI Youth for India Programme.

During the following one year, Bala will be working with the MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, where he hopes to address agricultural issues like soil fertility, agro inputs, crop yield, post harvest management, branding and profitable income generation. He wants to do this by bringing the “lab to land and collaborating with institutional bodies for technology implementation.” He will try his best to bring “innovation related growth to the field by implementation of organic strategies.”

Bala Krishna does consider the prospect of working in rural India very challenging, especially after working in the comforts of the corporate world. However, he believes that it is possible to “understand rural India only when we are integrated with farmers in their routine activities.” By closely observing the lives of rural Indians and coming up with an appropriate strategy, he hopes to improve their livelihood. Bala hopes that this exposure with rural culture might lead to various career options in the future, such as becoming an entrepreneur, getting involved in CSR activities of companies, or working with an NGO.



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