Taher B Sarthalwala (Economist/SBI Youth for India Fellow): “It is time to pause and serve the real India.”

TAHER B SARTHALWALA: SBI Youth for India FellowTaher B Sarthalwala is from Jhalrapatan, a town in the Jhalawar district of Rajasthan. He completed his Masters in Commerce from the University of Pune, after which he worked with AIG Global Asset Management Company for 2 years. Following this, he became a faculty member at the department of Economics in Ness Wadia College of Commerce.

Taher grew tired of hearing people talk about “rural problems like unemployment, agriculture and poverty in the packed air-conditioned rooms of an urbanized society.” He found himself helpless in such situations –unable to say or do much because he lacked the relevant experience in rural India. It was for this reason that he decided to join the SBI Youth for India programme. Taher has complete faith in the SBI Youth for India programme. He believes, “it is going to be the prime paradigm of rural development with a cadre who are committed, competent and passionate about rural development.” In his opinion, the program is very well formulated despite being in its first year. Taher greatly enjoyed the insightful sessions by distinguished speakers who spoke about rural development. When describing his dream for rural India, Taher vividly describes his desire to partner with them. “I want to find creative entrepreneurs and value conscious consumers and see to it that these people do not migrate in search of livelihood.” He believes that the demand from the rural sector is going to be the key to the future growth of India. He wishes to analyze this closely from an economics point of view. Taher is unfazed by the challenge of working in rural India. He quotes Mahatma Gandhi, “India is to be found not in its few cities but in its 7, 00,000 villages. If the village perishes, India would perish too. It will be no more India.” Taher is of the opinion that most urban Indians think that villages were created to minister to urban needs – without pausing to enquire if those in the villages have sufficient  food, shelter or clothing. It is the time, according to Taher, to pause and serve the real India.



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