Chetan Gautham (Urban Planner/SBI Youth for India Fellow): “I dream of rural India becoming a shining example in the field of sustainable development to urban India.”

Chetan Yaralagadda: SBI Youth for India Fellow

Chetan Gautham is an Urban & Regional Planner by profession and a resident of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. He completed his Masters in Urban Planning from Cleveland State University, USA, after which he worked as an assistant project manager on a housing project for about three and a half years.

Now 26, Chetan finds that when he reads or watches anything, he is “more inclined towards socially relevant content.” It is for this reason that he wished to join the SBI Youth for India fellowship programme – to serve as “a bridge between his gained knowledge and the reality in rural India.” He dreams of a rural India that will serve as “a shining example to urban India in the field of sustainable development.” Chetan believes that most issues related to rural development are interconnected. He doesn’t want to narrow his scope of interest at this stage. “It will be a Herculean task ahead for all of the people who are trying to solve the problems of rural India. It is not impossible, but it needs a lot of time and patience. Brick by brick will make a home, home by home will make a community, community by community will make a society and society by society will make a thriving nation.” He doesn’t think working in rural India will be too challenging. He claims his experiences in the city have not been easy. “It’s been hard and rough,” says Chetan, “similar to those experienced by rural people – but in a different magnitude.” When asked what he thinks his future career path will be, he responds that he is consumed entirely by the short term career waiting eagerly in front of him – the SBI Youth for India Fellowship. “Let me finish that with my fullest ability and utmost concern, and then I will think of my own future.”



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