Vaibhav (Centre for Conflict Resolution & Human Security/SBI Youth for India Fellow) seeks to understand the micro/macro impact of NGOs over time

Vaibhav is a communication and computer engineer from Jaipur who graduated last year. He was offered a well-paying job with a communication technology firm, but decided to go in another direction. He began teaching in a rural school in the outskirts of the National Capital Territory. “I was fresh out of college and I didn’t want to restrict myself. I wanted to see what all I was capable of.”

Not long after, Vaibhav was “bitten by the research bug.” He started working for the Center of Conflict Resolution and Human Security in New Delhi. He began exploring the issue of communalism in Uttar Pradesh. He conducted field research across the state to understand the micro-level causes and ideologies that lead to problems like terrorism. His academic paper was even presented at a conference in Belgium.

Vaibhav considers himself a pure academician at heart. He joined the SBI Youth for India Fellowship programme to understand both the micro and macro level impact of NGOs over a sustained period of time. He will be working with Seva Mandir, an NGO that has been working towards the development of rural and tribal populations in Rajasthan since 1966. “People like to quote figures which creates a single point of view,” says Vaibhav. “We need to look at alternate points of views. Perhaps then we may discover that there are better ways of doing things. We have been putting a lot of effort for a really long period of time, I am interested in knowing why we are not getting returns as we get everywhere else.”

Vaibhav is passionate about learning various models of governance and their effects.  He is looking forward to doing his Masters in Economics in the future.


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