Anusha Radhakrishnan (Software Engineer/SBI Youth for India Fellow) is keen to understand the needs of people in rural-India

Anusha Radhakrishnan is an engineering graduate from Chennai who has been working for IT companies like Infosys and WABCO-TVS since 2007. Giving up her hectic work life was a very simple decision for Anusha. According to her, it is not a job or place that makes a person happy. It is the state of mind. She confidently believes she can enjoy herself anywhere and in any circumstances. Her biggest challenge in life is to find a path where she can make her life even simpler. She decided to join the SBI Youth for India Fellowship programme as an experiment that will lead to her own personal evolution. She views the programme more as a journey than a final destination. She hopes that the personal growth she experiences will allow her to have a greater impact on society.

Anusha is joining the NGO Seva Mandir which works for the development of rural and tribal populations in the Udaipur and Rajsamand districts of Rajasthan. For a non-Hindi speaker, Anusha seems remarkably comfortable about the prospect of going to an area where the predominant language is Marwari. “I want to see if language can be a barrier to love,” she says. “The fastest way to grow is to transplant yourself into the unknown. I’m hoping I can help someone else in this process of personal evolution.”

The issues she is passionate about are education and health. However, she doesn’t want to restrict herself at this early stage of her journey. She first wants to “understand the needs of people in rural India.” When asked about where she sees herself in the future, she poetically replies, “I have just lit a candle. The flame will reveal the next ten steps. What lies beyond that, I don’t know.”



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