Abhishek Prabhakar (Tata Motors/SBI Youth for India Fellow) looks to take up social entrepreneurship after the Fellowship Programme

Abhishek Prabhakar - SBI Youth for India FellowAbhishek Prabhakar completed his Bachelors of Technology from Delhi College of Engineering and began working for Tata Motors Ltd in the outskirts of Jamshedpur soon after. His workplace was located very close to the tribal communities of Jharkhand. Abhishek slowly became sensitive to their needs. With the help of Tata Motors’ CSR initiative, he began arranging medical and communication assistance for the otherwise deprived tribal populations.

When Abhishek heard about the SBI Youth for India Fellowship programme it took him only five minutes to make up his mind and fill up the form. He had complete faith that he would be selected for the programme. Abhishek is contributing the next year of his life to the BAIF Development Research Foundation, where he hopes to learn more about cluster development and integrated infrastructure management. He sees the next one year as an investment to both himself and to the society. Having spent some of his childhood in rural Maharashtra, he is confident that he will adjust physically to the toil of rural life. However, mentally adjusting to rural life may be harder.

Abhishek was very impressed by the passion embodied by his peers and his mentors during the orientation period of the Fellowship. Once the Fellowship is over, he sees himself embarking on a social entrepreneurship project, drawing on all that he has learnt over the last year. He views the flagship batch of Youth for India as a trendsetter. In his own words, “all of us have a dream for rural India. The only difference is in our approaches.”



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