Sandeep V (Documentary Film-maker/SBI Youth for India Fellow) seeks to understand the issues of child labor & education in rural India

Sandeep V. SBI Youth for India FellowSandeep V. is an electronic and communication engineer by training. He worked as an IT consultant with HP for a period of two years when an overwhelming passion for cinema overtook him. Sandeep quit his job and became a freelance documentary filmmaker, volunteering his time at the Bangalore-based BornFree Art School – a special school created for working street children. The school has a unique objective of educating disadvantaged children through the arts with the eventual aim of reintegrating them into the mainstream education system. While at BornFree, Sandeep created a two hour long documentary film on the causes and effects of child labour called Ananta.

“People love to quote figures,” says Sandeep. “People love to say that India has a booming population of young people who will contribute to our economic growth. But there are some very revealing figures that are ignored. Some figures show that the number of unemployed youth is greater than the number of employed children.” It is this dual theme of child labour and education that Sandeep wants to pursue during his Fellowship with SBI Youth for India. Sandeep will be committing his next one year to the BAIF Development Research Foundation.

Sandeep has enjoyed the orientation period of the Youth for India Fellowship immensely. “People here are extremely committed with great thoughts. New ideas are generated every minute.”


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