Arun Purushothaman (Technology Consultant/SBI Youth for India Fellow) Looks forward to working on sustainable energy solutions in rural India

Arun Purushothaman - SBI Youth for India FellowArun Purushothaman has a Bachelors of Science degree from the Regional Institute of Education. He has always had an interest in research and has spent the last six years working as a Technology Consultant with a Research and Development firm based out of Cochin. His work involved using Linux-based open source technologies to create affordable solutions for pressing problems. Despite the great contribution he was making through his work, Arun always felt that there was a need to do more. When he heard about the SBI Youth for India Fellowship programme, he immediately knew that this programme was for him – a balance between research work in his field of expertise and the ability to contribute to the nation.

Arun is going to work with MS Swaminathan Research Foundation for the next twelve months. He hopes to concentrate on issues related to climate change and sustainable energy.  Arun hopes to learn from the successes of MSSRF while observing their shortcomings. Arun is completely unhesitant about committing the next year of his life to rural India. Seeing the unwavering enthusiasm of the SBI Youth for India fellows has been a great source of inspiration for him. He looks at this programme as an opportunity where he can contribute to both the people of his country and to his own personal growth. “It is a reality check – to experience and explore the ground realities.”


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