Companies today are looking for people with more rural exposure says Shiv Agrawal, CEO of ABC Consultants

1) What kind of placement assistance will be provided to the SBI Youth for India program fellows to help them re-integrate into mainstream careers?

In ABC Consultants, we firmly believe in a holistic approach to assisting people in their career moves. The assistance provided by us will be personalised counseling through identified and trained counselors internally from within the ABC system. It will include career counseling as well as assistance and guidance in helping the candidate frame his/her CV and coaching in terms of interview preparation. We will also share a candidate’s profile internally among all our offices and endeavor to try and schedule interviews with appropriate clients wherever possible.

2) Will a one-year rural fellowship program like SBI Youth for India be detrimental to one’s career prospects, if one wants to remain in the mainstream?

No, taking part in this programme will offer selected candidates unparalleled exposure to the rural markets. Today, the rural market is being looked upon as a vast untapped hinterland that any company, be it in FMCG, telecom or automotives can ignore at its own peril. With the Metro markets and urban areas being increasingly saturated, most organisations are looking at the rural market as an increasingly important component of their growth strategy and something that will provide exponential growth for them in years to come. However, the major stumbling block for most companies remains people, and more specifically people with strong exposure to rural markets. This is where people who take part in this programme stand to gain a decisive advantage in the employment sweepstakes.

Shiv Agrawal, CEO, ABC Consultants


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